Please Stop Screaming

Happy Doctor Seuss Day! In honor of Doctor Seuss, I present to you a poem entitled: Please Stop Screaming dedicated to my youngest child.


Good morning sweet angel, my dearest treasure,

I love you so deeply no instrument could measure.

Oh my, you stink. Stink like doo-dee.

We must change you as your diaper is filled with poo and pee.


Skinks slink like my darling dear. Skinks slink in pink ink but stay more still than you, I fear.

“Sound the alarm! Cleansing is near! I detest you helping my sore rear!”

He screams and cries with a toddler “NO! NO! NO!” He will not lay here!

He must not allow the wipe to go near.


Wrestling and screaming, and finally it’s done.

However impossible, the impossible was won.

Now he is almost naked but must run, run, RUN!

A nappy in tact, but not for long, unless I get pants on the son of a gun.


Soon, we are late and I must put on shoes,

But staying still is a battle I’m going to lose.

Singing songs and staying upbeat,

I know it’s quite an incredible feat.


He does not like to sit still, not for a soul.

He will not sit still no matter where we go.

Tumbling out of a cart at the store for some candy,

A tail or another arm might be handy.


Peace and calm, try to persevere.

The solution is not coming out clear.

Should we ignore or be kind?

Should we simply spank their behind?


Whenever I think I’ve found a solution,

He’s there to remind me of children’s evolution.

They do not keep, they do not stay,

But you can count on them attempting to run away.


And when you’ve brought them back,

They will decide to ear attack!

Holler and holler, pack or lack, the children all know of the deep scream and yak.

A pack with a rack to turn into odd quacks make a track of thwack packs with stacks of ground smacks.


And leaves a mom saying, “Enough of that!”

“I will not listen to you scream! To your room until your attitudes are clean!”

Yet again, into the world she must go.

With screaming children in tow.


We know perseverance will get us through this stage.

But how can I possibly make it to that age?

Years of screaming and more months of reinforcement,

Helping your child get off this endorsement.


Seasons of motherhood, full of joy,

Feels like a blessing and yet feels like a ploy.

Truth of encouragement to keep you going:

You only get there if you keep the oars rowing.


As mothers everywhere are struggling with simple daily interactions, I pray God would give you patience and grace to help your screaming child(ren). You are amazing, momma.