My Moment With the Whales

I love to travel.

Traveling clears my mind, creates memories, and brings me incredible peace. While not all vacations have done this, especially when the itinerary is too full, most of mine have included special little moments of quiet that set the tone for encounters with God.

One of my favorite little moments was in Boston. I was on a learning trip with other high school students, and we had the opportunity to go whale watching. We were warned, as we set sail, it was towards the end of migration season and the previous tours had not seen any whales all day. We prepared for a nice, albeit whale-free, boat ride.

After we were given the freedom to roam aboard the ship, I went to the back of the boat to find some quiet space to think. I was saddened as I thought of our chaperones who purchased a boat ride without being able to see any whales. I understood the unpredictability of it all as well. The ocean breeze sent me into thankfulness and the gentle rocking of the boat drew me into a peaceful sway as I decided to be joyful to have a beautiful day out on the sea. I was so thankful to be there in the serenity of it all.

When We Start Looking

I began to thank God for giving me this incredible opportunity. His creation was all around me, and I was amazed. He was drawing me close; a father showing off his love for his little girl.

Then I said, “God, it would be really cool to see some Whales.”

A few blissful moments later, we were slowly surrounded by six whales. They traveled so close to the boat, the motor had to be shut off. We waited a long time, simply watching, before it was safe to turn on the engine again. As they migrated to their new home, I was awestruck by God’s goodness to me.

What an amazing God we have! He answered above and beyond my request, and I have held on to that moment as a reminder of God’s willingness to answer my prayers. He desires to bless me and love me, even when it feels like I am walking alone and hopeless.

What is your most memorable moment?

I love hearing stories from others about their “moments” with God. They always seem to correspond to the things each person is really excited about. Personal events open our eyes to the desires God set in our lives and how he places fulfillment so generously. It happens in the little moments of peace and gratitude. If you are in a dark place and struggling to find God’s plan, I pray you would go to a quiet place to seek God as Jesus did (Mark 1:35 and Luke 5:16). He will show up even if the result is not what you expect. In your gratitude, He will give you a moment to grab on to as part of the unique story He has planned for you.

Maybe not every moment is one with breathtaking beauty or awe in the sight of God’s glory and goodness, but he does romance us with these moments. When I am looking for them, I am far more likely to find them. They can be all around us if our perspective changes. We must look for what God is doing in our midst, because we might miss something incredible if we are too busy or overwhelmed to see it.

If you would like to encourage somebody, please share this post with your own moment where God called you to a quiet place and showed you his majesty. And pray that those who are seeking God would find him in their own special way so they might hold on to the memory as a stronghold of their faith.

Our God is faithful.

For He is loyal to us, even when we do not deserve it.

Praise God for His grace!