Learning to Dance Again

My body finally adjusted to my new medication this past week! Praise the Lord!

For the first time in two months, I am feeling like myself again, and it is beautiful. While I still struggle with certain symptoms and have a hard time concentrating, my mind can complete tasks without much brain power. Instead of finding myself in the throws of raging rapids, I am wading through knee-high waters. Not entirely clear of the fog, but still able to drive.

I Love Dancing

One of the activities I forgot during the raging rapids was dancing. I love to dance, but I have not danced in a while. I started playing music my kids and I could dance to, and enjoyed my time with them. Normally, I start sweating during the first song due to my lack of fitness, but it feels great to enjoy time with my kids while getting some exercise. I have had a hard time finding something I could do while my kids were awake. While going for an early morning run sounds like a blast (note: sarcasm) and yoga is great for my aching back, both require a focused and child free zone or special equipment like a running double stroller. Eventually, I would love to get to a place where I can do both of those things, but right now my husband works third shift and I am struggling to better my sleeping habits.

Dancing, however, is something my uncoordinated toddlers can do with me and thoroughly enjoy. It is simple, and it is easy. I am not ignoring them or putting them aside in order to exercise which is difficult to balance as a mom who works from home. The guilt of not spending enough time with them keeps me from doing many things during the day. They have such a hard time playing on their own. Maybe that means it’s time to have another playmate (just kidding, my poor husband would lose it).

One Small Win

Small wins are crucial to good habits. We have to break down our goals into practical small wins so we can commit to the next step. It is the way video and phone games keep our attention. It is how children learn to eat with a spoon or clean up after themselves, both things we are still working on in my household. Today, I danced and broke a sweat which encourages me to do a quick yoga stretch while my son is sleeping. Yesterday I recorded my first podcast, and while I am far from my grand opening, I am proud of my small win.

My question is simple: What is your small win today?

Are you trying to improve your health? Build a side-income? Spend less money?

How can you take the first step today, and celebrate a small win?

Devotional Time

I struggled for many years to be consistent with my devotionals. I wanted to read more, but I kept falling off the bandwagon. My first step was changing my devotional time. While I often found myself with more time in the evening to focus, my brain was burnt out by that time and I was not comprehending anything I was reading. When I switched to reading first thing in the morning, I used my phone so I would wake up to the light and focus.

Now, I still struggle to read and pray before looking at social media and taking care of my children. One of my goals for this year is to wake up before my children so I have quiet time. Waking up early starts with going to bed at a decent time, which is really hard when your willpower is spent and your husband gets ready for work at 11:00 PM. It is a constant progression and learning process, but small wins keep us going when adversity sets us back.

You can do it with #OneSmallWin. And please share your small win with this tag so I can celebrate with you and encourage you to keep going!