Creative Differences

Drawing Us Near

As I sit here watching a screensaver filled with natural landscapes pass on my television, I begin to realize how much beauty there is around the world. There is a gentle spirit among even the most exciting images, showing the splendor of a God who creates thing for us. God has only ever created with our relationship to him in mind. Vegetation, animals, water, land, and space were all created with us in mind. They simultaneously give glory to God and provide for our needs and desires.

He created abundantly and allowed us to give him glory in a way that only draws us nearer to him. I connected something simple and grand today. When we give glory to God, we simultaneously draw nearer to him. Our relationship is strengthened immediately because we have come to know a little more about how much he loves us. His glory is never aggressive. He does not create things to humiliate us in a way that would push us farther away. His glory shows his love. How can it do anything else? He is love.

Do We Draw Others Near?

If we are reflections of God, then we are also showcasing his love. But how often do we actually show it in the way God would? Not with the intention of receiving glory, even if we deserve it, but with purity in desire to show each other how deep our love goes. Given the right perspective and creativity, our love can even be a glimpse of the love God has for his people. We can draw close to God by simply giving him praise. We can show love by doing unique and creative things for others, especially our closest loved ones. Then we must continue the cycle by giving praise and honor to those who have also show us this pure love.

What Is Our Motivation?

I fully believe that we are emotional creatures so that we can experience God on a deeper level. He also placed am emotional trigger in us, setting off an alarm when something is wrong. Emotions are a starting point that can lead us to take action. If you are an emotional person, remember to value those emotions for their ability to give empathy and grace to others the way Christ would.

If you are not emotional and everything I just said is itching you the wrong way, I beg of you to pray and ponder your emotional state before you let it shame others who are more emotional. When we are too quick to judge God’s people, then we will have to answer to him. Once we desire to understand each other in a way that brings glory to his name, then our ability or inability to show empathy can help each other grow stronger as a body.

With that in mind, emotions do not create love. We must be connected to our Father to have the discipline and self control that is needed to love in the way God loves us. It is so easy to let pride and greed overcome creative solutions to heightened emotions. Or to pursue even though we are lacking these motivating emotions. Creativity is intentional. An overflow of the creative love God has for us with the perseverance and wisdom to wield it.

Prepare To Get Messy

To multiply love, we must prize other people, even when they get messy.

Especially when they get messy.

Childbirth is beautiful and breathtaking. But it is also disgusting. Postpartum can be just as traumatic a woman’s body.

My husband has show me his deep love by helping me and caring for me as a prize, even though I was weak, unstable, and consistently disgusting. Even at my worst, he reminds me of his deep love. His image of me is a beautiful perspective in my new frailty. My “rustic” appearance is captured in a beautiful light and through the right lens. He shows me a glimpse of the love God has for me in these most vulnerable moments. He does not have creative differences with God that would cause me to look as pathetic as I see myself. I struggle to understand how God loves me so deeply, but it is through my husband’s love that I begin to see God’s true and righteous perspective.

My husband continues to pursue me when the enemy has twisted and warped my perspective. When he tells me all my husband’s faults in an attempt to break apart one of the purest examples of Christ’s love this world can give. 5 Years of marriage may not be a long time, but I have learned humility, patience, and mostly the importance of perspective.

Perspective changes everything.

If you let God work in your life, he will change your perspective. And in it, he will reveal his glory so he might draw you nearer.