Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas
Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0After a rough few weeks, I am looking forward to a day of celebration. Historically, my Valentine’s Day has been filled with sickness, injury, and sadness. I know, it’s not very romantic. My expectations were brought pretty low, but a small part of me always dreamed of a perfect Valentine’s […]

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0Lately, my husband and I have been communicating poorly. As we see our alone time getting pulled away, we are both more easily frustrated. I’m sure most parents, especially those with young kids and limited incomes, can attest to the toll it takes on your marriage when you cannot find […]

Escape The Rooftop

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0Hyper-Expectation I have often felt like my biggest failures lie in my over-anticipation. I meditate on everything that might happen in the future, good or bad. During wedding planning, I piled expectations on myself and others. I was crushed when life fell short. When I was pregnant with my first […]

Time To Prepare

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0Drawing Us Near As I sit here watching a screensaver filled with natural landscapes pass on my television, I begin to realize how much beauty there is around the world. There is a gentle spirit among even the most exciting images, showing the splendor of a God who creates thing […]

Creative Differences