About Me

I help mothers and women persevere through the daily grind, disappointment, and mental illness without bitterness or loss of faith.

My name is Kristin Collins and I am a wife, mother of two, and a child of God. I taught in my local Children’s ministry for years, learning about Christ through new eyes and witnessing the power of love and friendship in the lives of our youngest church-attendees. When I had my own  children, I had no idea how difficult this sweet burden of motherhood would be. Suddenly, I knew nothing. I could not keep track of my emotions, and I found myself giving up on dream after dream. Ever since my first child was in my womb, I felt completely broken. My expectations were shattered in every area of my life. 

My youngest is now two-years-old and my oldest is almost four-years-old. As a stay-at-home-mommy-blogger, I struggle with purpose after an expensive education. I am learning with you, in every messy step of parenthood, as I share my stories with each loss and win. I am honored you would choose me to walk along with you in the hardest moments. Feel free to email me or message me directly on Instagram or Facebook with questions about motherhood, chronic health issues, or the pain of a broken spirit.

Health and Mental Illness

I struggle with multiple chronic conditions, including Panic, Hypothyroidism, and back pain. While I am actively attending counseling, physical therapy, and meeting with other specialists, the path is frustrating. Chronic illness is hardest at the moments we see the least, and I pray I can be a small light calling you to Christ when all seems impossible. I have learned the value of perseverance as the catalyst for true change over time. God has been true to His Word as I have seen my trials create steadfastness, encouragement for others, and grace to fail in my own life.

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