Monthly Archives: August 2018

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0Hyper-Expectation I have often felt like my biggest failures lie in my over-anticipation. I meditate on everything that might happen in the future, good or bad. During wedding planning, I piled expectations on myself and others. I was crushed when life fell short. When I was pregnant with my first […]

Time To Prepare

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0Drawing Us Near As I sit here watching a screensaver filled with natural landscapes pass on my television, I begin to realize how much beauty there is around the world. There is a gentle spirit among even the most exciting images, showing the splendor of a God who creates thing […]

Creative Differences

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0I love to travel. Traveling clears my mind, creates memories, and brings me incredible peace. While not all vacations have done this, especially when the itinerary is too full, most of mine have included special little moments of quiet that set the tone for encounters with God. One of my […]

My Moment With the Whales

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0It is fascinating to me how little a 2 year old can wait before giving into temptation. Developmentally, their brains cannot process waiting well and their bodies constantly look for rewards. Candy, pride, and playing have been hard battles in our household lately. I try to use every trick in […]

Called to Wait