Monthly Archives: November 2015

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0 The Christmas Season is upon us! Filled with lights, cookies, gifts, and parties, what’s not to love? If you didn’t have to prepare any of it, I’m sure you would be overjoyed during this season. No wonder children love Christmas; they don’t have to anything but enjoy it! The […]

A Season of Rest

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0 Something about a well-organized space lets me breathe again. As my husband and I unpack our many boxes, I have been on the edge looking at the mountain of unpacking ahead of us. However, I loved spending the time organizing and setting up the bathroom. I cannot wait for […]

Decorating With Joy

Pinterest0TwitterFacebook0 Over Halloween weekend, my husband and I did something both scary and exciting: moving. This move, like our last one, came very suddenly, as we are moving in within a week of the “apartment for rent” posting. While we were certainly looking for a new place to live, it […]

Moving With Commitment